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 Sanare Topic

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PostSubject: Sanare Topic   Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:26 pm

Name: Sanare

Description: Support Class

HP: 35 0.2*level (40 at master) Mana: 100


Pray: Heals you or target for 10 hp, mana 15, cooldown 5 seconds, level 1

Dispel: Removes 3 negative effects from target, mana 20, cooldown 2 seconds, level 4

FullHeal: Fully heal yourself over 10 seconds if not hit, mana 25, cooldown 30 seconds, level 7

RegenMana: Gain 10 extra mana regen per cycle, mana none (passive), cooldown none, level 10

Layhands: Instantly full heal target up to 15 blocks away, mana 35, cooldown 20 seconds, level 13

Might: Buff your and your party's melee damage by 25% for 3 minutes, mana 90,cooldown none, level 16

Wisdom: Buff your and your party's mana regen by 150% for 3 minutes, mana 90, cooldown none, level 16

Groupheal: Heal your entire party within 20 blocks for 8 hp, mana 25, cooldown 10 seconds, level 19

Guardianangel: Give your party invulnerability for 25 seconds, mana 90, cooldown none, level 22

Healbomb: Heal your party for 30 hp and damage your enemies for 30 hp in 20 blocks, mana 100, cooldown 10 minutes, level 25

These skills are subject to change at anytime for balence issues, do not call something overpowered if you have not seen it in combat your self. With that in mind this is the sanare thread, post away!
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Sanare Topic
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