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 Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal

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PostSubject: Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal   Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 9:38 am

IGN: Viktor_Wolfy
Reason: Building an innapropriate statue
Reason: I got banned for building an innapropriate statue again, and I remembered that I made a second statue but im
pretty sure that it was on the same day or on the same week, and I understood already that it is not allowed to make those
statues, and I build that statue before you guys gave me the first ban.

In my opinion it is really not fair becouse I understood that it is not right but I made them both before I got the bans
so think it over please.

sorry English is not my first language so I have some problems with grammar.
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Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal   Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 9:58 am

Ok thank you for telling the truth but i am sure u knew not to build any of the statues at all, But if you are caught breaking the rules again you wont be unbanned.

Appeal Accepted. - Unbanned.

Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal 29tmro
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Viktor_Wolfy's Appeal
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