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PostSubject: M.O.T.E   M.O.T.E EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 10:28 pm

Hello everyone! With school starting just around the corner I will soon be returning! However I will be trying to limit myself to an hour or two a day. I hope to create my town of M.O.T.E. I am unsure of when 1.3 server will be ready since I have not been able to get on Minecraft yet, but I will need citizens to help greatly with the creating of M.O.T.E. For the most part we will just need supplies, which I will throw a list together. When I do manage to get on I will probably spend a good deal of time the first day looking for a good location to start building. From their I will start to set up plots for housing and start laying out an outline for walls and roads. In order to speed up the process I will need my future citizens to collect and help with:
1: A TON of Cobblestone! (once I find a location for the town, miners can dig out an extensive mine which will provide a good deal of cobble too)
2: Wood (mostly normal trees, im a big fan of the classic wood)
3: Food in order to keep builders and collectors fed, so we don't have to waste too much time hunting and farming early on.
4: PROTECTION! We will be pretty well helpless in the early stages and will need armed soldiers to help stop other towns/factions from attacking, so if any towns are seeking a strong ally this is the chance to make one with us!
5: People to dig and help level and fill land to make room for the city (and possible landscaping, if extensions to rivers or oceans are needed) This will be a great help that anyone can do while I am not online!

I hope to see all of you soon! But seeing as this is an advertising board I think I will do that too!

Welcome new/future citizen of the great city/state of M.O.T.E. You are about to join a city rich in history that will provide you with the opportunity to be something great! Will you become the next great warrior hero, leading the armies of M.O.T.E against our enemies. Or will you become a diplomat; forging alliances, building relationships, setting up embassies, or creating peace treaties to end the blood shed. Maybe you will become a blacksmith, or possibly own your own farm/ranch? Maybe become an author and be paid for your writings, or become a wizard creating potions and teaching the masses the dark arts? All citizens start out and always will be gathers, collecting basic supplies (Wood, Cobble, food) to help out your fellow citizens, but as you become a more active member and start to show your skills you will gain a more advanced job. We look forward to seeing what you become and how you will leave your mark in the long and glorious history of M.O.T.E!
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PostSubject: Re: M.O.T.E   M.O.T.E EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 12:12 am

First off let me say Entrik!!! Welcome to EoR!!!! FYI We have started mote we made very cool things to start off with we are pretty much a city of fine arts and we could use more! We have alot of supplies in use our main building is a Tower Base but we can use more!!!

So pretty much you come on the server we invite you to mote and set you as leader Smile Then we start building!!!

Glad to see that you are not away!!!

Btw server is 1.3 + Very Happy

M.O.T.E 29tmro
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PostSubject: Re: M.O.T.E   M.O.T.E EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 2:57 pm

Let me start off by saying:

Hello Mayor
entrikenguy. It is my pleasure to inform you of your substantial winnings in the Enderman Floating Island Contest. You don't recall signing up I know, but this is one of those no purchase necessary contests. As such due to the crazy powerful following of Endermenism, and your completely random and coincidental winning of the Contest, You have WON!

The island has already been delivered! Isn't that great? Well there is more! No assembly required! That's right, our creepy stalking followers have already found your address and set up your very own Floating Island. You've always wondered what those Endermen do with all those block haven't you? Well look no further!

Thanks for having us over. Yes we raided your fridge and drank all your milk... But it was worth it.

Enjoy, and hope to see you soon

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PostSubject: Re: M.O.T.E   M.O.T.E Empty

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