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 Rules For 1.3 World

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Rules For 1.3 World Empty
PostSubject: Rules For 1.3 World   Rules For 1.3 World EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 1:28 pm

I am going to list off the rules and some information for 1.3. Remember if you are unsure if u are allowed to do it just don't do it at all or confirm with me.

1. Must respect all players and staff!

2. No Griefing In Factions/Towns Only The Wild!

3. No X-Ray or Any Cheating Mods Of Sort (Confirm Other Mods With Admins)

4. No Stealing In Factions/Towns Only The Wild!

5. No Cheating, Exploiting, Or Using Bugs!

6. No Spawn Killing, PvP Logging, Or Tping Out Of PvP

7. No Advertising Anything! Whatsoever!

8. No Talking About Player's Religion!

9. Do Not Ask For items Or Positions!

10. No Spamming The Chat Whatsoever!

11. No Being Racist To Other Players!

12. No Being Sexist To Other Players!

13. No Using All Caps For Text!

14. No Using Bad Language Or Vulgarity Of Any Kind!

15. No Inappropriate Builds!

16. No Mob Grinders/Mob Traps!

17. Must Have A Shop Licence Before You Can Make Chest Shops!

18. No Abusing The Economy!

19. Factions Cannot Be Over claimed By Other Factions!

20. No Abusing Heroes!

Remember There May Be More Rules. So If You Think It Isn't Allowed. DON'T DO IT!

Any broken rules will result in consequences.

Rules For 1.3 World 29tmro
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Rules For 1.3 World
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