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 DOTA Help.

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DOTA Help. Empty
PostSubject: DOTA Help.   DOTA Help. EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 11:59 am

For those who have never heard of Minecraft DOTA. Please click this link:
First of all, this map is powered by redstone meaning you will probably get allot of lagg. But have no worries it is only temporary.


Also please note that wearing the skin is highly recommended and will make the game more fun. And also not wearing helmets wil be good so you can see who is on your team or not. ( This excluded Aqua Helmets )
Every X seconds, a redstone system will allow creep spawn if there are players nearby.

To break down a tower, you need 2 players.
When a tower is destroyed, the creep spawner and the defenses deactivates.

When activated, the tower releases several Poison II around the tower.
The poison is deadly, it can hit up to 9.5 hearts!

Weapon, armor and potion shops plays a big part in Minecraft: DOTA.

In Minecraft: Dota, you will need to work as a team to unlock special shops.

Minecraft: Dota has many sweet features!

This map requries NO client mods at all.
However, we suggest basic server mods for team chatting and no block destroying to prevent exploiting.
HOW TO PLAY & FAQ (IMPORTANT - Some original DOTA rules has been altered)

What is the main objective ?
Kill all towers then proceed to destroy the nexus. Just like DOTA/League of Legends, but you have to destroy all towers before nexus is vulnerable. Gather items from dead NPCs and players to buy upgrades to ease your way in.
6 to 10 players PvP map.

Is there any important rules ?
1- Make sure no one enters the opposite team's base before all towers are down. (to prevents players from stealing or spawn camping)
2- Do not break any blocks, not even flowers, grass or torches. (server mod strongly suggested)

How do I start the game?
First of all, install a fresh download of the map and make sure it's the lastest version.
Once in game, you will spawn in the team arrangement room.
Wait for everyone to connect and discuss what should the team be; when it's all setup, just grab ONE cart and head to your chosen base.
IMPORTANT: When everyone is at their respective base, the most important thing is to setup your spawns. Everyone needs to sleep in a bed, in order to do that the host of the game may have to change the time to night. /time set 999999
When it's done, both teams need to lift the levers and a 30s countdown will start (see lanterns), giving you time to get stuff from the bank and maybe buy a stone sword with your, now useless, minecart.

How do I destroy a tower ?
To destroy a tower, you need 2 players. First, one of you must stand on one of the pressure plate beside the tower, doing so will release pistons from the windows, making the tower vulnerable to attacks. Watch out! The towers poisons the player near the tower with elemental damage; I suggest buying Protection enchanted armors and health potions. Without any armor it can hit up to 9.5 hearts.

How to kill a nexus ?
For of all, you need to disable all towers. When it's done you need 2 players to press both pressure plates and a 3rd one to shot it down.

How do I buy items from the shops ?
The currency system is based on items; you get random stuff from dead zombies, skeletons, players and trade them for weapons, armors, food.
Simply throw the required amount of items down in the hole. For prices over 4 items I suggest throwing them down slowly to prevent redstone bugs, 2 secs delay between throws is safe. (The buying system will be made fully automatic if needed in future versions)

Never played DOTA, what are lanes for ?
Has shown below, there are 3 lanes; top, mid, bottom. Each lanes has 2 towers, except the middle lane (unlike original DOTA games). They must be
defended with at least 1 player each, otherwise that lane could be zerged down and could create a potential vulnerability to your team because the less towers/lanes you control = the less items you make and the less efficient your team becomes over time.
The basic plan is to send 2 players top, 2 players bot and 1 middle. For advanced players, I suggest sending one player in the Jungle to farm skeletons, get buffs and be more agressive.
When you are at your furthest (not destroyed) tower , simply farm some creeps by moving in front of your tower. If you get in trouble, remember to call out for help or use the tower defenses. Most importantly, call for MIA (Missing in action) enemies, to prevent other lanes from being ambushed.

The jungle is a dangerous place, leaving you vulnerable to ambushes without any towers protecting you from players. On the other side, you get your own creep, which means more items! Also, you will encounter skeletons, the most wanted creep in Minecraft: DOTA. Skeletons drop arrows, allowing bows with infinity enchant to work (requires 1 arrow) AND skeletons drop bones, which can be used to tames wolves (that can be bought in the armor special shop). Also, you could farm buffs, RED(strength) and BLUE(speed) to help you farm creep faster or simply ambush an enemy. Having a player in the jungle can be very useful for the team to prepare surprise attacks.
To spawn a jungle creep, find buttons - if lanterns are on, it means the spawn is ready.
-Mob cooldown timers-
40s normal mobs
1m20s buffs

Tips &Tricks
As soon as you get off your cart when the game starts, grab it back and go buy a Stone Sword with it.
Grab armors as soon as possible, they are cheap and very effective!
Remember to grab food!
Because we can trade by dropping items, you could always ask an ally to buy items for you.
The hidden treasure is useful for mob farming.
When you first get back to your base, think about banking some items - in case you die.
Shops items are not expensive, getting back into the game is easy if you do your banking right.
The river is good for ganking but slows you down. Walking on the Lily Pad speed things up!
Bows requires 1 arrow to work, that can be found on the skeletons in the jungle.
When you unlock the armor shop and you want to buy a wolf, make sure you have enough bones.
Wolves can die from towers!
When a tower is destroyed, the creeps and tower defenses go offline and enables the next tower in lane, if there is any.
When the nexus is vulnerable, lanterns will light up.
Health potions are very good.
The first time creep spawns, it takes about 10s of waiting in front of your tower.
If there is no player around the tower, creep will not spawn.

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DOTA Help.
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