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 Sharpshooter Topic

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PostSubject: Sharpshooter Topic   Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:45 pm

Name: Sharpshooter


HP: 35 0.2*level (40 at master) Mana: 100


Jump: Jump several blocks in the direction you face, mana 5, cooldown 3 seconds, level 1

PoisonArrow: Poisen your arrows for 3 shots, mana 3 (per shot), cooldown 20 seconds, level 4

Summonarrow: summons you 16 arrows, mana 100, cooldown 1 minute, level 7

Spines: 15% chance to launch arrows out in all directions upon being hit, mana none (passive), cooldown none, level 10

Firearrow: Cuases next 3 arrows to light target on fire, mana 25, cooldown 20 seconds, level 13

Icearrow: Cuases next 3 arrows to slow target for 10 seconds, mana 25, cooldown 20 seconds, level 16

Root: Root target in place for 6 seconds,mana 20, cooldown 30 seconds, level 19

Arrowstorm: Shoots 60 to 64 arrows at a rate of 16 to 32 a second where you aim, mana 80, cooldown 10 minutes, level 25

These skills are subject to change at anytime for balence issues, do not call something overpowered if you have not seen it in combat your self. With that in mind this is the sharpshooter thread, post away!
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Sharpshooter Topic
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