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 Citadel vs Respite

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PostSubject: Citadel vs Respite   Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:28 pm

Hey yall, I am going to start a story(not fictional).
This story is open for counter-arguments.

Teh Story:
Once there was a person, I call him R.
M once spoke to R, that he wanted to live on a nearby mountain from his town. Because R was a town chief.
This conversation, ended with a verbal agreement.
So kitty aka mr. M went to claim that mountain.

The next couple of days, R came back. And sounded furious:" why mr M, why build here?!"
Mr M gained a illogical feeling in his mind, but logically presumed R forget the agremeent.
In his mind a master plan came up: ""this is like a aggresive act of war", but all in the name of รก JOKE. To later tell on, what R probally has forgotten.
So M told R his masterplan. And R replied:"oh its on".
A laughter -hihuhuHaha- was blazing through the mind of mr M, then he said: just joking mr R!
But R couldnt take the joke, M didnt knew R couldnt take jokes.
R was furious about the joke, and went to kill unarmed people of the town of M, M is also a chieftan of a tribe.
M asked: why why R! R said: because you killed one of my people.
M understood it, R had a grugde against me!
M explained: but that civilian was a cheater. He was stalking me with a invincble mod, so i killed joked him.
This is not a lie mr R, you can ask carter(a mighty and rich pig farmer) that ez admitted it in chat. Carter readed it too.
R wasn't unrational, but he already knew he was wrong. On basis of proud and the lack to say appologies, he continued the war on his OWN(his town seem to dissagree, lets wonder).

/teh end

edit: if you dont understand what the hell this about, dont question about it. Just laugh and leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel vs Respite   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:02 am

lol.. who was using invincibility? lol our issue is with Dom and him killing Dv and his Iron Golem
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel vs Respite   Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:46 pm

1. Guess you dont remember it.
But the server logs speaks for itself.
If I remember correct, he said something in the lines: "I am using this bug"
The bug he used, was some form of invinsibel glitch. He also typed that explictly.
A quick search with that sentence, or words in that sentence(ex. bug or invisibel), through the logs will tell us that he told it us/me explicitly.

2. Dom Killed the golem, after getting killed by R He was presuming it was R's golem.
Also this can be found in the server logs, it was directly coming out of the mouth of dom("I killed r's golem"). After he killed the golem.
A unwise decision of him, but a very rational emotional REACTION after getting his mining supplies robbed.
As a anology. Its like kicking someon in the nuts, and being shocked getting a reaction back.
Secondly, it would be a illogical to attack the whole town, if you are just targeting one person. The cause of the whole portait I gave you, doesn lie at Dom.
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel vs Respite   

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Citadel vs Respite
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