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 EXP Values and Thoughts

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PostSubject: EXP Values and Thoughts   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:14 pm

fishing: 50
shearing: 5
taming: 25
crops: 5
sugar_cane_block: 2
melon_block: 5
pumpkin: 5
pumpkin_stem: 0
melon_stem: 0
vine: 1
huge_mushroom_1: 1
huge_mushroom_2: 1
red_mushroom: 5
brown_mushroom: 5
long_grass: 0
red_rose: 0
yellow_flower: 0
water_lily: 5
nether_warts: 10
chicken: 5
cow: 5
creeper: 30
ghast: 50
pig: 5
pig_zombie: 20
sheep: 5
wolf: 10
skeleton: 25
cave_spider: 15
spider: 15
zombie: 15
squid: 5
slime: 40
giant: 300
player: 150
blaze: 30
magma_cube: 30
enderman: 50
ender_dragon: 10000
villager: 5
snowman: 0
mushroom_cow: 5
coal: 5
cobblestone: 1
clay: 10
diamond_ore: 75
dirt: 1
glowstone: 5
gold_ore: 30
coal_ore: 10
grass: 1
gravel: 1
iron_ore: 20
lapis_ore: 30
mossy_cobblestone: 5
netherrack: 1
obsidian: 20
redstone_ore: 15
glowing_redstone_ore: 15
sand: 1
sandstone: 1
snow_block: 1
soul_sand: 5
stone: 1
log: 5
cactus: 2
sapling: 0
Arrow: 0
Bed: 0
Boat: 0
Book: 0
Bookshelf: 0
Bow: 0
Bread: 0
Brick: 0
Bucket: 0
Cake: 0
Chest: 0
Cobblestone_Stairs: 0
Compass: 0
Cookie: 0
Detector_Rail: 0
Diamond_Axe: 0
Diamond_Boots: 0
Diamond_Chestplate: 0
Diamond_helmet: 0
Diamond_Hoe: 0
Diamond_Leggings: 0
Diamond_Pickaxe: 0
Diamond_Spade: 0
Diamond_Sword: 0
Dispenser: 0
Fence: 0
Fishing_Rod: 0
Flint_and_steel: 0
Furnace: 0
Golden_Apple: 0
Gold_Axe: 0
Gold_Boots: 0
Gold_Helmet: 0
Gold_Hoe: 0
Gold_Leggings: 0
Gold_Pickaxe: 0
Gold_Chestplate: 0
Gold_Spade: 0
Gold_Sword: 0
Iron_Axe: 0
Iron_Boots: 0
Iron_Chestplate: 0
Iron_Door: 0
Iron_Helmet: 0
Iron_Hoe: 0
Iron_Leggings: 0
Iron_Pickaxe: 0
Iron_Spade: 0
Iron_sword: 0
Jukebox: 0
Ladder: 0
Leather_leggings: 0
Leather_Boots: 0
Lever: 0
Minecart: 0
Map: 0
Note_Block: 0
Painting: 0
Paper: 0
Powered_Rail: 0
Rails: 0
Sandstone: 0
Sign: 0
Stick: 0
Stone_Button: 0
Stone_Axe: 0
Stone_Hoe: 0
Stone_Pickaxe: 0
Stone_Plate: 0
Stone_Spade: 0
Stone_sword: 0
Storage_Minecart: 0
Sugar: 0
TNT: 0
Torch: 0
Trap_door: 0
Wood_Axe: 0
Wood_Door: 0
Wood_Hoe: 0
Wood_Pickaxe: 0
Wood: 0
Wood_Plate: 0
Wood_Spade: 0
Wood_Stairs: 0
Wood_sword: 0

Note that this is the origonal exp yml and its values, many of the values have changed drasically, I will update the list when I have a copy of the new yml file.

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PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:19 pm

Currently heroes has a mega grind especially in a sense that when ever players find a decent source of exp it is nerfed to oblivion
EX: sugar can went from 1 to .1 in a very short period of time

I personally wanted heroes to provide enhanced combat, not a I-grinded-harder-than-you-now-im-better-in-pvp situation

I believe there is a simple fix, instead of nerfing things that are good exp, why not buff the other sources?
This provides a much better way of ecouraging playing rather than grinding, players should master by enjoying the game rather then spamming something all day.
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PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:40 pm

My views on the current Heroes (01/09/2012)

Sugarcane used to be 1xp per cane which I agree was a bit too much considering that you could make super massive cane farms and mine the top to bottom to maximize xp. So after talking about the amounts of xp given on the server, the cane exp dropped to 0.5 exp. This wasn't too bad, and it was great we found a way to get a good way to level. But then it was further reduced to 0.1 I believe. After hearing this, I wasn't too upset, but it was annoying having found something that gave good exp went to nothing.
I think it should be put back to 0.5 exp. (same goes to wheat)

Mining was a long and boring process every minecrafter went through. It was the best way to get exp since other ways were either nerfed or not allowed. 0.5 exp per cobble was quite good and I thought it was quite a good way to level. But it was reduced to 0.25 exp. I am not too annoyed about this, but I am writing about it because I wouldn't want to see it being reduced again and making people upset about another good way to level.

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PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:23 am

If we're gonna reduce the exp for items, you should lower the exp needed to get for levels, I personally don't want it to take like 5 years to get to level 25. It was right that stuff like sugarcane,dirt,wheat and cobble should've been dropped but not so much that it's impossible to get to the next level e.g. stone/cobble/dirt used to be 1exp, but then it became 0.5exp (This value was alright) and now 0.25exp. I'm level 11 and its 3645 exp till the next level, that means I would have to mine around 13000 cobble and dirt to get to level 12. I'm not saying i should constantly mine cobble/dirt but isn't that a bit too much to mine? Also I believe that iron is worth more than coal and yet the exp for iron is 1exp and coal is 2exp which is kind of confusing. I don't mean to bother people with this,but if we're are gonna do it right, let's do this right. One thing to improve would be to improve on the exp would be to use the original values but increase the level exp needed to get to the next level or that thing I said at the top.
Let's just hope things get better.
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Age : 20
Location : United Kingdom

PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:28 am

I believe that iron and gold used to be 20xp, but people could place farm xp by placing on ground and mining it again. Which is an unfair advantage. So iron and gold are reasonable.
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PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:53 pm

Abusers ruin for all, its like that for pretty much everything.

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PostSubject: Re: EXP Values and Thoughts   

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EXP Values and Thoughts
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