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 Towny Commands and FAQ

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Towny Commands and FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Towny Commands and FAQ   Towny Commands and FAQ EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 2:48 am

Since everyone asks about Towny commands a lot, I will post the most useful commands here. I may add more later.

Part 1: Commonly Used Commands
Part 2: FAQ



/town list - Lists all the towns currently on the server
/town (townname) - Town stats
/towny map - Map of the town
/player (name) - Player Stats


/town add <playername> - Add a particular resident
/town deposit/withdraw <amount> - Deposit or withdraw money into the town bank
/town claim - Claim an addition town block
/town unclaim - Unclaim a town block
/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Set town permissions
/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch] [on/off] - Set town permissions
/town set perm [on/off] - Set overall town permissions
/town set mayor [resident-name] - Transfer Mayor status to another player
/town assistant [add/remove] [resident-name] - Set up/Remove an assistant to the Mayor
/town set board [message] - This is displayed user players when they view your town details
/town set homeblock - This moves the central home block. This may be useful in wartime.
/town kick [playername] - To remove a resident from a town
/town delete [town-name] - Delete a town

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I start a town on the server?

- Currently towns are only available to donating members. The good news is that it only takes a $5 donation!
-After that, towns cost 10,000 in game money to purchase.

Q: How do I join a town?

- Come in contact with a town mayor. In order to see the towns in-game, type /town list
- If you see a town you are interested in, type /town (townname) in order to see who the mayor is of that town.
- After that, you can use /send mail (NAME) to mail that mayor and ask for entry!
- NOTE that admins/mods can NOT make you resident of a town! Only the respective town mayor can.

Q: Can buildings be griefed in towns?

- There is absolutely no stealing/griefing permitted within city limits as well as server spawn. Your buildings will be protected as long as your town mayor plots appropriately, and you do not build outside the city limits.

Q: Can I lock my doors/chests?

- Yes! General members are given 3 free locks. Simply type /lock. In order to specify permissions for specific players, type /cmodify (PLAYERNAME).

Q: Why can't I claim plots?

- There are several reasons this may occur.
1. Only mayors and town assistants can claim plots
2. Do you have money in your town bank? It costs $25 in-game-money to claim a plot. To deposit, see the commands above.
3. Plots must be beside previously claimed plots for your town

Q: What happened to my town? The structures are here, but it no longer exists.

- Barring a server-side error, this is because your town went bankrupt. All torches, redstone, and signs in your town will also be removed. This occurs when you do not pay your town tax ($25 in-game-dollars a day). Be sure to have money available by 7am server time everyday in your town bank!

Q: Why can't I use /town set name or /town toggle mobs, among other commands?

- Some of towny's features have been restricted for server-side reasons. This may change in the future, but this is as it currently stands.

Q: HELP! My town has been griefed!

- Contact server staff A.S.A.P so they can determine the culprit. In the meantime, if you are sure who the culprit is you may remove their town perms (by kicking them from town or otherwise) until server staff arrive to help.
-NOTE that ANY structures in the wild (i.e. outside your city limits) are permitted to be griefed. Be sure to build within your city limits, and claim land appropriately!

Q: Can pvp be turned off in my town?

- Currently this cannot be done. This may change in the future, but due to plugin instability this feature is currently disabled.

-This thread will be updated as I feel like it/as suggestions are made. Please report any errors found within, and moderators feel free to update as the need arises.


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Towny Commands and FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Towny Commands and FAQ   Towny Commands and FAQ EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 8:46 am

Thanks allot!
it really helped.
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Towny Commands and FAQ
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